Located in Truckee, California EATS is a cooking company created to offer customers a rich dining experience with ingredients thoughtfully curated to improve environmental and ethical concerns.




Attention to the humane treatment of animals, and an urgent focus on environmentally procured ingredients lies at the center of each EATS menu.  The ingredients are thoughtfully selected to feature humane certified animal products, and seafood that has been sourced by the regulations set forth by the Safina Foundation and Seafoodwatch.org. 




Chef Tommy Adkins brings EATS Cooking Co. to the market place to provide Northern California with creative dining options that consistently featured ingredients procured with a refined sense of ethics and purpose.  A passion for animal ethics and environmental sustainability is at the very foundation of all his menus.  




 Each of our menus is crafted to showcase the virtue and bounty of northern California's great food system. Each ingredient is carefully sourced to have a positive impact on the land, water and local economies.